Omal by Komal is not just a start-up e-commerce brand. It's also a dream of a girl who wants to achieve milestones. Komal Aziz Khan mission is to provide the best quality clothes to people in the most affordable range. We manage to design clothes for every trend at the affordable cost. Omal by Komal resulted from an exceptional desire to make a difference in the fashion industry. Omal by Komal takes a lot of effort into making each collection design unique, affordable, and stylish, which is why it catches the world's eye. The inventive color combinations, patterns, and embroidery styles are instant hits with women of all genres. The inexpensive cost, along with the great demand for their goods, nearly always ends in them being sold out. 
Omal by Komal has come a long way in a minimal time in establishing themselves as a vital element of this ever-changing market.